allie Wilton - SEO/PPC Specialist

Get to know Allie

Allie-p80-doorFavorite Non-Work Activities:

  • Hanging out with cats
  • Watching movies that are so
    bad they're good
  • Painting + baking
  • Going for long drives

Favorite Work Activities:

  • Continuing to implement more Spider-Man in the office
  • Sharing new PPC strategies with clients
  • Dreaming of racking up conversions
  • Secretly bringing more pudding cups into the office to
    delight my co-workers

Favorite Music:

  • Favorite Genres: Rock, Pop, Rap, Oldies, Showtunes
  • Favorite Artists: Fleetwood Mac, 5 Seconds of Summer, and The Maine
  • Currently Listening to: OK - Wallows

Education & History:

Allie attended Slippery Rock University and graduated with a B.S. Communication: Digital Media Production in May 2019.

Prior to joining the p80 team in June 2019, Allie had 2 years of marketing experience through two internships; one with the United Way of the Bradford Area as a Marketing and Media Intern, and one with Slippery Rock University Campus Recreation as a Marketing and Social Media Intern.