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    19 Resources in Our 2019 Sales Toolkit

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    Now that we’re settled into 2019, we’ve found ourselves going back to some sales resources and tools more than others.

    We’ve compiled this list of digital resources, training opportunities, best practices, and other must-haves that our team has been loving so far this year.

    8 Digital Sales Resources

    If you thought 2018 was an awesome year for digital sales resources, 2019 will not disappoint. Some of our trusty favorites from last year have stood the test of time, in addition to some new resources we’ve discovered.

    Some of our favorites include:

    1. Deb Calvert’s BrightTALK Channel

    Going beyond simply sales, Deb Calvert and the People First Productivity Solutions team covers topics ranging from leadership, employee engagement, team effectiveness, and more on their BrightTALK channel.

    Our team finds this holistic approach to selling and leading to be more effective in communicating with each other, our clients, and our prospects.

    2. The Sales Gravy Podcast

    Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy Podcast is one of our favorite ways to get in the sales zone and pick up new tips.

    Everything from quick sales tips to deep dives into aspects of selling is offered to listeners to enjoy. Plus, it’s available on a wide variety of podcast platforms ensuring everyone can easily access.

    3.’s Online Community

    Sales Hacker takes digital resources one step further by offering a combination of popular ways to learn about sales.

    From podcasts, to webinars, to conferences, to a blog and more -- Sales Hacker does more for sales professionals by offering a fully fleshed out community.

    4. The Sales Experts Channel

    The Sales Experts Channel’s mission is simple: offer educational content for sales managers and sales professionals in a collaborative community.

    Dozens of sales experts collaborating leads to a deluge of helpful info and 24/7 helpful resources to anyone looking for it.

    5. Sales Pipeline Radio

    Matt Heinz hosts the Sales Pipeline Radio and features an array of expert guests.
    The show promises tips to help you build revenue using your sales pipeline, sales funnel CRM applications, and marketing automation applications.

    6. HubSpot Sales Blog

    Neglecting to mention the HubSpot Sales Blog on our list would be a huge mistake, since it has been a favorite resource of our team for years.

    If you’re not closely following the blog, 2019 is the perfect time to start!

    7. Keenan Videos

    Any modern salesperson has a host of sales experts that they follow on LinkedIn.

    One of our favorites is Jim Keenan, and the videos that he shares. These videos are short, captivating, and memorable.

    8. The Sales Blog

    There’s a lot of sales blogs to choose from, but Anthony Iannarino’s is one of the best.

    Going beyond conventional sales topics and sometimes submerging the blog in the unexpected, Anthony covers everything a salesperson needs to consider. One of his most recent posts even covers civility and politics.

    5 Can’t-Miss Sales Training Opportunities

    Our team is obsessed with sharpening our sales and marketing skills year after year.

    Here are some of our favorite ways to do just that:

    1.The Inbound Sales Certification

    Taking HubSpot’s Inbound Sales Certification Course, and making sure your certification is up-to-date is one of the best ways to make sure your inbound sales skills are sharp.

    Plus, it’s free!

    2. The Sales Enablement Certification

    This online course promises to bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams with strategies and tactics from over 25 world-renowned leaders.

    And, again, it’s free -- so there’s no excuse for not taking advantage of this amazing sales learning opportunity.

    3. Online Sales Training with The Sales Bar

    If you haven’t heard the buzz about Factor 8’s new inside sales training software The Sales Bar, you’re missing out.

    It’s perfect for sales managers and reps alike, and offers actionable resources like call coaching, sample scripts, printable cheat sheets, and more.

    4. Live Trainings with Experts like Tim Wackel

    Our team saw Tim Wackel present at INBOUND 2017 and still talks about the energy and tips he shared for sales.

    We highly recommend finding a chance to see Tim live, or at least taking a look at some of his online sales trainings.

    5. HubSpot Partner Specific Bootcamps by Dan Tyre & David Weinhaus

    These helpful bootcamps for HubSpot partners help agencies close bigger retainers, move prospects through the pipeline more quickly, and hone crucial sales skills.

    3 Sales and Selling Best Practices

    Being successful in sales can be as simple as changing some of your habits.
    Swap out some of your old bad habits for some of these great new ones in 2019:

    1. Sending A Great Recap

    This is an area where almost every salesperson can improve.
    Sure, you’re sending recaps after most sales calls, but are you sending great recaps after every call? Probably not.

    Get in good habits now by taking detailed notes on the call, and sending a timely recap every. single. time. Not only does this impress your prospects, but it leaves a paper trail that your teammates can follow.

    2. Conversations with Sales Peers

    Don’t be afraid to seek out advice and feedback from your colleagues often.

    It’s true that two heads are better than one, and you’ll be surprised the gems you might shake loose when talking with your peers.

    3. Don’t Neglect The Classics

    Yes, digital resources are great (we had a whole section on them, after all), but in your tech savvy pursuit of knowledge have you abandoned traditional book reading?

    Bad idea.
    Reading acclaimed sales books when combined with digital methods and traditional trainings is a well-rounded way to make sure sales insights sink in.

    3 Sales Must-Haves

    Even with all of the above sales toolkit items in place, there are still a few simple things our team can’t live without:

    1. Coffee & Snacks

    Our team is comprised of people that believe a great cup of coffee can change your whole outlook on life. Or, a delicious Fruit Rollup.

    Make sure your sales team is stocked up on all the snacks and caffeine they need.

    2. A Sit / Stand Desk

    Do you ever find yourself pacing when your on the phone?

    For some reason, it seems like sales calls just go better when you’re standing. Equip your sales team with a sit / stand desk for when their making calls.

    3. A High Quality Headset

    Conversations are more natural when you can be hands free taking notes, speaking clearly, and hearing the prospect well.

    Never try to balance your phone and talk at the same time -- just invest in a nice headset.

    Looking for even more resources? 

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