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    protocol 80 over coffee #2

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    Here's your weekly round-up! Be sure to listen and subscribe to episode 2 of the "protocol 80 over coffee" podcast! We had a blast recording this week's episode - the discussion was excellent and you may even get a couple of laughs out of it!

    protocol 80 over coffee : episode 2

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    Show Notes


    Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses - Part 5 (podcast time: 0:48)

    Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses - Part 4 (podcast time: 0:48)

    Social Media

    Using Facebook for Your Small Business - Part 7 (podcast time: 24:30)

    5 Ways Twitter Is Making RSS Obsolete (podcast time: 19:18)

    Useful Information

    A Look Back at the Internet in 2010 (podcast time: 10:12)

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