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protocol 80 over coffee #3

Here's the brand new "protocol 80 over coffee" podcast episode for the week! We covered some great news topics this week, and there was even a little bit of singing along the way (in Spanish no less). If you have any suggestions or ideas for the podcast please leave them below in the comments and we'll work them into future episodes. Thanks to everyone for listening!

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protocol 80 over coffee : episode 3

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Show Notes


The Android Market Web Store (15:25 in podcast)


Being #1 In Google May Mean You're #1 in Bing (1:30 in podcast)

Social Media

The Kenneth Cole Tweet Heard Round The World (33:43 in podcast)

Are you on Quora? (10:50 in podcast)

Useful Information

Is "The Daily" a killer app? (24:00 in podcast)