protocol 80 over coffee #6

In this episode of the protocol 80 over coffee podcast the guys discuss Google's start-up buying tendencies and whether it's good or bad for the tech industry, marketing your business with new features in Foursquare 3.0, and a whole mess of ideas for realtors that are trying to establish a web marketing presence (all of this can be applied to your business, too!). All of that plus our favorite headlines from the week! Be sure to listen a little past the end music for one HUGE topic we forgot to discuss. :)

protocol 80 over coffee : episode 6

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Show Notes

Useful Information

What Will Google Buy Next? (0:50 in podcast)

Content Marketing

3 Web Development Needs of Rural Real Estate Agents (5:15 in podcast)

3 Ways Realtors Can Spread The Word For New Properties Online (17:17 in podcast)


Mobile Web Marketing Tactics That Realtors Should Use (13:00 in podcast)

Location-Based Services

Say Hello to Foursquare 3.0 (20:08 in podcast)

Social Media

The Social World Comes Together During Natural Disasters (24:45 in podcast)

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