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    How to Tell if Your Website Uses Google Analytics

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    Google Analytics is one of the best free tools that any business can have, hands down. It tracks nearly every action on your website including the things most important to business owners. They want to know how much traffic do we get, how do they get there, where do they come from, what do they do when they are there. Google Analytics will tell you all of that AND MORE!

    Despite the importance of Google Analytics, many business owners or the people in charge of a business' website don't even know whether their website uses it or not. Here are the common scenarios:

    Scenario 1: Website was built for ______ company a few years back but the company was not focused on using the website as a marketing tool, therefore didn't care about Google Analytics or didn't even know it existed. The result, Google Analytics tracking was never installed.

    Scenario 2: Website was built for ______ company, Google Analytics was implemented by the website developer but the business owner was never given access to the account. This is the better of the 2 scenarios because all of that historical data has been collected, even if the business wasn't paying attention to it.

    If you are guilty of scenario 1, here's what needs to happen. Get Google Analytics going on the site now! It's free...there should be no discussion. The only cost you may incur is having a developer ad the tracking code to the website if you are unable to do it. In most cases this should take 30 minutes or less.

    If you are guilty of scenario 2, reach out to the person that would have set it up and either ask them for the log in credentials or have them add you as an Administrator to the Google Analytics account.

    How to Find Out if Google Analytics is Already There

    The first step should only take about 2 minutes. Go to BuiltWith.com and type your URL into the box. Click the Lookup button.

    BuiltWithNavigate down the page a little bit and find the section labeled "Analytics and Tracking".


    This will tell you if Google Analytics is running on the website.

    Next Steps

    If it is showing as installed, go to google.com/analytics/ and attempt to log in. If you are able to log in and you see your website listed there...awesome, you are set. If you can't log in or you don't see your website there, that's when you'll have to reach out to the person that may have set it up. And again, if you don't have it installed that's not something you should wait for. Have it done today! If you need assistance with this, let us know and in most cases it will take less than 30 minutes to complete!



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