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4 Reasons To Start Business Blogging Yesterday


We've said it repeatedly in our blog posts. Business blogging is a must! It's on the same level as having electric. OK, maybe not that level, but it's really important. That is, if you want to succeed now and into the future.

The following are some key benefits of blogging. Print this out. Take it to your leadership and get started with a blogging strategy yesterday!

You'll Rank Better In Search - SEO

By blogging regularly, you will be providing the major search engines with much more content that they can rank you for. The content on your business blog will obviously be relevant to your company and be great content to rank for when a prospect is traversing their buyer's journey.

Business blogging will also let you write in ways your buyer persona(s) search. Taking into account their intent and directly answering questions that they ask search engines. It can be very difficult to do that with the decision stage content of your normal website pages.

You'll Feed Your Other Content Marketing Efforts

Take a look on LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. What are the vast majority of links pointed to? BLOG POSTS!!!! Yes, your blog will feed your other content marketing efforts. It shouldn't be the only trough from which your other content marketing eats, but it can definitely be a driving force!

I'm not just referring to social media here. If you've written a handful of blog posts that relate, you can quite easily put them together into a longer form eBook or guide that you use to convert website visitors into leads!

You'll Enjoy Long-Lasting ROI

While this ties back to the gains in SEO that you'll achieve by blogging, it warrants its own section here. When you blog regularly, you'll amass a very large library of content. Over time, you'll benefit from posts written several years ago that still drive VERY high quality traffic to your site that converts into leads.

Tell me how that will ever happen with traditional, interruption marketing? It won't! That's ROI at its finest. A small time investment in writing a blog post can directly impact your bottom line for years to come!

You'll Reach Your Buyer Persona(s) Earlier in Their Buyer's Journey

Your website copy is probably very Decision-stage focused. That's common. We want the pages of our websites to sell the value and unique selling proposition of our offering.

The problem with this is that it doesn't speak to a buyer that is at a much earlier stage of the buyer's journey. You have to be in the decision stage to benefit from your website copy.

Enter a blog... With your business blog can write posts targeted to each of your buyer personas at each stage of their buyer's journeys. This is vital to establishing trust and rapport early on with your ideal buyer. You don't want to just show up when they are narrowing down their options to make a decision. You'll be on the short list to drop. You want to have made a connection early so you're a front runner for earning their business.

Business Blogging Is Time/Money Well Spent

If done correctly, business blogging can have a long lasting, positive impact on the growth of your business. You'll see SEO, sales, ROI, and synergistic benefits unachievable with other marketing tactics.

To see tangible proof of the benefits of blogging for business, check out this case study of a small-town manufacturer that invested in inbound marketing before it was "cool" to do so:

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