How to Improve Sales With Website Conversion Paths

(5 minute read)

Conversion Path: The path a visitor takes through your website to become a lead. A typical conversion path requires a call-to-action, a landing page, a form, and a thank-you page.

16+ Kick-Ass Call-to-Action Statistics That Prove CTAs Are Essential

(4 minute read)

Inbound marketers are quick to sing the praises of CTAs - "They tell your visitors what actions to take/what path to travel through your website/how to accomplish their goal!" and "They increase conversion rates/click-through rates/leads!"

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It's true, and it makes sense, but you've gotta back up your claims with evidence. In today's blog post, we've provided a convenient list of call-to-action statistics that will help you convince others of the power of CTAs.

What is a Website CTA?

(3 minute read)

Yes, another blog post using an acronym. With the amount of acronyms in this industry, it's almost like speaking another language. This one is important, yet overlooked far too often. CTA stands for call to action. In regards to inbound marketing a call to action is exactly what it says...a call out for someone to take an action. A website CTA can be either graphical in nature just text. It would exist on a website or email for the purpose of getting the reader to take another step in some sort of process.