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    2016 Olympics: Learning From the Best and Worst of Olympics Marketing

    The 2016 Olympics are upon us.

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    Internet Marketing News? Internet Marketing News! | July 5 - July 17

    Trying to stay on top internet marketing trends can seem like a daunting task. No need to worry, though. We're your eyes in the sky. 

    We'll keep an eye out and provide biweekly updates on what's new in the world of marketing! So, without further ado...

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    4 Things Pokémon GO Teaches Us About Inbound Marketing

    If you're not familiar with Pokémon GO or Pokémon in general, don't worry. You can skip to the "lesson" in each section for actionable marketing advice.

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    Internet Marketing News? Internet Marketing News! | May - June 2016

    Want to stay up to date on Internet marketing news and best practices, but don't have time to scour the web for info? Look no further! Here are some of the big stories in online marketing from around the web.

    Have a story you think others should know about? Suggestions are welcome in the comments!

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    2016 Social Media Trends That Can Drive Inbound Marketing ROI

    More CEOs are catching on to the fact that social media is an incredibly powerful marketing resource. It's free (aside from the time spent monitoring and publishing) and creates a direct link between business and customer. 

    If you're dedicated to growing your business (and that includes fortifying it for future trends and troubles) you understand how valuable this free link to your customers truly is. 

    Social media bridges the gap between your website and your buyers' daily lives. It makes you familiar, relatable, and credible - three qualities that can make or break a deal. In short, using social media for your business is a no-brainer in 2016.

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    Using Owned, Earned, & Paid Media for Effective Online Marketing

    There are three categories of media that will increase your traffic, leads, and sales: owned media, earned media, and paid media. To optimize your marketing strategy for YOUR business, you need to take advantage of all three types of inbound marketing media.

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    Do Inbound Marketing Services Really Work?

    You betcha! Inbound marketing services are the answer to changes in buyer behavior and the decline of traditional marketing tactics. What counts as "inbound marketing services"?

    These are the marketing tactics you need if you want to grow your business. A good inbound marketing agency will provide all of these services to complement your business, increase your brand awareness, and produce tangible ROI. 

    Here are 10 examples of businesses who found incredible success by adopting inbound marketing services.

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    How Effective Are Inbound Marketing Services, Really? [Infographic]

    We talk about inbound marketing a lot. Like, a lot. How are you supposed to know we're not just blowing smoke up your ass so you'll buy our snake oil?

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    SEO for Small Business: The Secret of Long-Tail Keywords [Infographic]

    You're a business. And you're pretty small. How can your SEO possibly compete with larger companies?

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    How Can Predictive Analytics Translate to Effective Online Marketing?

    Radius, an up-and-coming SaaS company that specializes in predictive marketing software, collaborated with Forrester Consulting to produce this infographic on the impact of predictive analytics. First, let's go over the basics of predictive analytics.

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