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July 03

Happy Independence Day!

Everyone at protocol 80, Inc. wishes you a fun and safe Independence Day! I know up here in the North East, we're just happy to see some dry weather.

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May 29

Content Marketing Advice In Just 1 Sentence

With the growth in popularity of content marketing comes people asking for content marketing advice. Curata posted an infographic about the best content marketing advice summed up in just one sentence. In compiling the answers via a LinkedIn poll, they found that most marketers answers could be bucketed into 4 categories: strategy, creation, audience and analytics.

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August 29

Labor Day 2014

Labor Day is upon us! How much do you actually know about labor day? Here are a few pieces of info we thought were interesting. Please feel free to download and share.

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May 13

Complete Online Marketing Strategy Infographic

These days just having a website is not usually enough. If that's how you see your online presence, my guess is you probably aren't generating and leads or sales from your website...it probably just sits there. A complete online marketing strategy will allow you to reach more individuals, when they are looking, where they are looking, on any device, convert them to a sale or lead, and track them every step of the way. Sounds good, right? Of course it does. But you still may not be convinced. Need more convincing? Check out our infographic below with some stats that just might start changing your mind. Please feel free to share using the embed code below the image. Just in case you aren't a visual person, here are a few key stats!

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November 07

Social Media and Nonprofits

We spoke at a nonprofit conference last week, discussing social media. One thing is certain, everyone wants to be involved, but there tend to be obstacles. Whether it's lack of staff, time or a strict gatekeeper, many of them have a hard time doing what they would really like to do with their social media strategy. I came across this infographic and thought the attendees of the conference might want to know what people are already talking about in the nonprofit online world. Good news if you have anything to do with animals! Infographic courtesy www.craigconnects.org.

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