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July 11

The Essential B2B Marketing Tactics for 2023

You have your goals. You know your opportunities. You’re ready to leverage your brand’s strengths. 

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December 13

B2B SEO Copywriting for Beginners | Meta, Title, Alt, & Other Tags

Since you’re reading a “101” article, we’d guess you’re terrified of writing the metas, H1s, and other SEO website mumbo-jumbo you wish someone else would handle. 

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November 04

Guide to Follow-Up Email Marketing [TEMPLATE + EXAMPLES]

What happens when you collect a shiny, new lead? Sadly, many B2B marketers and sellers either neglect it (by forgetting to feed or nurture it) or kill it (by overfeeding it with junk).

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September 10

FABTECH 2021 Session Preview: Sales & Marketing Plans for Manufacturers

North America's largest metal fabricating and finishing event is back in-person!  While the incoming new technology and networking is exciting, the biggest goal for manufacturers in 2022 will be recalibrating their marketing and sales practices post-COVID*.

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March 08

Top B2B Hashtag Examples by Industry (Examples Included!)

Hashtags: One of the most underrated marketing tools there is. While many may see these as a trendy joke to post with your highest-quality photo of a dessert, they actually play a massive role in your social media content creation and audience reach.

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February 23

WEBINAR: 10 Ways to Foster CRM User Adoption Instead of Abandonment

    (Watch the webinar above or read below -- whichever you prefer!) CRM software, also known as customer relationship management software, is an essential tool for companies in just about every industry. It supports sales’ and marketings’ ability to drive company growth and meet goals.

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January 18

VIDEO: Relationship Selling Techniques in 2021

Nobody expected COVID-19 to wreck 2020 the way that it did. With an abrupt shutdown of thousands upon thousands of facilities, nearly the entire B2B market went digital. As a result, more than ever consumers want things on demand and as fast as possible.

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January 12

VIDEO: LinkedIn for B2B Sales Is an Incredible Business Opportunity

(This guest post is written by Curt Anderson, founder of B2Btail, author, and noted LinkedIn influencer.) It’s not a question anymore whether you should be on LinkedIn, it’s now how you should be on LinkedIn. Although you may feel comfortable with your current profile, are you truly maximizing your business opportunities on LinkedIn?

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December 01

Biggest SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you work in marketing, you understand the challenge of keeping up with keyword and Google algorithm updates that exist in the ever-changing world of search engine optimization (SEO). As a result, it’s important to keep track of all things SEO, including your meta descriptions, keywords, page performances, and so on.

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November 17

3 Easy Tricks for SEO-Friendly Content Production

It’s one thing to produce content that you find interesting. It’s another thing to produce content that your audience will find interesting. And it’s yet another thing to produce content that Google finds “interesting.”

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