Daniel Picklo - Web Developer

Get to know Daniel

Daniel-p80-DoorFavorite Non-Work Activities:

  • Playing guitar
  • Listening to music
  • Binge-watching classics like Lord of The Rings and Star Wars
  • Constantly improving my programming techniques and learning new technologies

Favorite Work Activities:

  • All of the programming
  • Working with the team

Favorite Music:

  • Favorite Genres: Alt Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
  • Favorite Artists: Nothing More, Aranda, Crobot, Muse, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Hands Like Houses
  • Currently Listening to: "I Am" by Hands Like Houses

Education & History:

Daniel has been programming since the seventh grade when he was dead set on becoming a game developer. It was in high school he was introduced to the world of web design and development where he was able to start applying his experience in an internship capacity through protocol 80.

He continued working for the company through high school and his time at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford where he received his B.S. in Computer Information Systems and Technology with a concentration in Application Software Development and a minor in Management Information Systems all while graduating early (he blames the pandemic for not sticking it out one last semester).

Daniel now spends his time helping to support the growth of client websites and drive results.