Your buyer persona should be MUCH more than demographics.

average increase in leads reported by companies that use buyer personas in their digital marketing.

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Buyer Persona Services

Today's buyer self-educates online and requires more careful consideration than the target markets of old. Without solid customer research, you are marketing in the dark, throwing time and money at the wrong people. 

Enter the buyer persona.

Why Your B2B Customer Experience Research May Have Failed

Many customers come to us because their website traffic is abysmal. More often than not, we can tie that back to lack of faith in B2B buyer persona research.

These companies fail to generate leads online because:

  • They rush the buyer persona development process
  • They don’t know what to include in a buyer persona
  • They rely too heavily on assumptions
  • They don't conduct effective interviews
  • They don't capture unbiased opinions from interviewees
  • They don't have experience
  • They don’t have time

Use Buyer Personas & Stop Wasting Your Marketing Spend

Buyer personas are the basis for all of our inbound marketing programs. The time and effort you put into establishing your persona(s) directly correlates to the results you achieve from your marketing.

You’ve heard the phrase “target market” before. An example target market would be:

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 30-55
  • Annual Income: $45,000-75,000
  • Location: Northeast U.S.

While these demographics give you a general idea of your target market, they FAIL at providing any psychographic data that tells us who these people really are, or what they’re looking for online.

protocol 80’s B2B persona development services delve into what really makes your best buyer tick. This ultimately helps us build a data-driven B2B content marketing strategy and produce great website content that attracts and converts leads -- and customers.

Through research and collaboration with your team, we’ll help you refine your buyer persona(s) to make every piece of your web presence more attractive to your perfect buyer.

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Buyer Persona Development Process


What our clients say

The team at protocol 80 provided the necessary guidance to understand the entire customer purchasing process -- starting with creating a buyer persona, walking through the buyer’s journey, mapping the sales process and maintaining customer engagement.
Curt Anderson, Falconer Electronics

Questions About The Process?

We'd be happy to talk through any questions you have. Book a 15-minute meeting with Josh to discuss working with a customer experience research agency:


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