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"AI will replace marketers."

"AI will replace your sales team."


While we all know that's not true, your marketing and sales teams must become experts in harnessing the AI tools at their fingertips to keep up with modern SEO, buyer preferences, social media algorithms, and content generation.

Josh Curcio, CRO, and Holly McCully Jobe, COO, are joining forces to offer your team comprehensive training in how to use AI tools for marketing and sales.

This session will cover:

  • A comprehensive overview of the current AI capabilities specific to marketing and sales.
  • Actionable strategies for deploying AI tools to enhance your business processes.
  • Detailed demonstrations of essential AI tools your team should be familiar with.
  • Insightful discussions on the ethical and legal implications of AI in your industry.
  • An interactive live Q&A segment, tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities for your business.

Our goal is to ensure that no company misses out on valuable sales opportunities due to constraints in time or resources. Join us to equip your teams with the knowledge and skills to leverage AI effectively and propel your business forward.