Buyer Persona Services

Your Buyer Persona is the foundation of all of your marketing. It's not a process to shortcut if you want to maximize the return on your marketing investment.

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Buyer Persona Services

Without a solid, researched persona, you are marketing in the dark, throwing time and money at the wrong people. Today's buyer needs more careful consideration than the target markets of old. 

"The team at protocol 80 provided the necessary guidance to understand the entire customer purchasing process. Starting with creating a buyer persona, walking through the buyer’s journey, mapping the sales process and maintaining customer engagement."
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Most Businesses Fail to Accurately Define Their Personas Because...

  • they rush the process,
  • they rely too heavily on assumptions,
  • they don't conduct effective interviews,
  • they don't capture unbiased opinions from interviewees, and
  • they don't have experience.

Stop Wasting Your Marketing Spend

Buyer personas are the basis for all of our inbound marketing programs. The amount of time and effort you put into establishing your persona(s) is directly correlated to the results you achieve from your marketing.

Here's what a typical Buyer Persona development relationship looks like:

Fact Finding and Goal Setting

We'll meet with you and your team to learn as much about your business and buyer as possible. We want to understand how you work with customers, how you think they perceive your value, and who you your ideal buyer is. 

We'll spend time learning your industry, what separate you from your competitors, and how buyers interact with you now. We will also identify what your goals are for attracting more buyers that fit the persona we're developing, and how you plan to market to them.

Persona Workshop

In this deep-dive workshop, we walk through all of the known attributes of the buyer we're defining. We'll compare this buyer to others you sell to to decide if you truly need more than the persona we're currently focusing on.

This workshop typically lasts 1-2 hours and will involve members from your leadership, sales, and marketing teams. We want to get everyone's perspective on what makes this buyer tick, and how they differ from other buyers you sell to.

Persona Interviews

By having a 3rd party conduct interviews, you are much more likely to get unbiased, honest answers. Some of the most valuable information you can have when defining a buyer persona comes straight from the horses mouth. 

We will ask for at least ten contacts that we can interview. These contacts should be made up of current customers, past customers, and lost customers. From that list of ten we will aim to have brief interviews with as many as possible to fill any gaps in our persona research.

Buyer Journey Workshop

Sales and marketing efforts to your persona should be much different depending on what stage of their buyer journey they are in. Using our conversations with the interviewees, we'll help you to define the full buyer journey for your persona. 

We want to understand what the early Awareness of a problem/challenge/opportunity looks like for your persona. We'll work from that moment forward to identify what takes them from simple Awareness to actively Considering options to solve their problem. Finally we'll define how they work through their Decision stage in selecting the final solution.

Buyer Persona & Buyer Journey Profile

After we've compiled of our primary and secondary research, we will fully document your final persona and buyer journey. You will have a complete profile that you can use to guide your marketing strategy. 

Questions About The Process?

We'd be happy to talk through any questions you have. Feel free to book a 15 minute meeting with Josh to discuss.

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