Buyer Persona

How to focus your marketing efforts and get more of your best buyers!

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “target market” before. It loosely correlates to your Buyer Persona(s), though it’s not nearly as helpful. An example target market would be:

  • Gender: female
  • Age: 30-55
  • Annual Income: $45,000-75,000
  • Location: Northeast United States

While these demographics give us a general idea of the fictitious target market, they FAIL at providing any psychographic data that tells us who these people really are, or what they’re looking for online.

Enter the Buyer Persona.

Buyer Personas go much deeper than demographics. They delve into what really makes your best buyer tick… which ultimately helps us produce great content that attracts them and converts them into leads.

You can think of Buyer Personas as fictitious people that you create based on intel you already have on your best buyers.

Through research and collaboration with your team, we’ll help you refine your Buyer Persona(s) to make EVERYTHING you create more attractive to your best buyers.