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heatlhcare Buyer Personas - e-Book-1-1

Building a medical marketing strategy from the ground up is tougher than ever -- the neighborhood is awfully crowded these days. 

Building a medical marketing strategy with a buyer persona in your toolkit? Much, much easier.

Many healthcare technology marketing teams have heard of buyer personas. Either they’ve:

  • Passed them off as unnecessary (“We already know who our buyers are.”)
  • Gone through the motions of creating a persona, but don’t have the time or know-how to apply it (“Our most-skilled writers have higher priorities right now.”)
  • Let their persona research guide a consistent SEO and content marketing campaign, and they’re succeeding wildly.

If you want more leads, demos, and sales, read Applying Buyer Personas to Your Med Tech Marketing. This free e-book will exhaustively cover:

  • What to include in a buyer persona
  • Why medical marketers fail miserably at personas
  • An actual medical B2B persona example
  • Applying personas to your website, marketing, & keyword research

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Why Applying Your Healthcare Buyer Persona Is No Longer an Option

Today, 70% of buyers fully define their needs on their own before ever approaching a sales rep. Your solution to this new way of doing business? Applying your healthcare buyer persona research so your ideal buyer comes to you, not the other way around.

healthcare Buyer Persona Guide - magnifying glassUsing your persona to its fullest power means tracking your ideal buyer’s ...

  • Keyword research
  • Buyer’s journey progression
  • Preferred means and type of information/media consumption
  • Social media & forum use

… and using those insights to create ...

  • Website upgrades for user-friendliness and lead capturing
  • Blog topics they care about
  • Video marketing they’ll find helpful
  • Email marketing tactics that are personalized

You should be evaluating your persona’s activities and pain points throughout the entire decision-making process.

Applying Buyer Personas to Your Med Tech Marketing uses a sample healthcare persona to explain all of this in greater detail, so scroll back up to download the e-book for free!

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