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Every happy customer once had a pain point -- a problem or opportunity for which they needed a solution. 

Those customers were once leads in need of information and education. And even in your B2B and/or “boring” industry, niche content marketing can be that problem-solver that turns traffic into leads and customers.

Content marketing for manufacturers and B2Bs is an “inbound” promotional approach that attracts customers organically with blog posts, website pages, marketing emails, social media efforts, and videos specially tailored to their needs and goals. 

That’s why we created Manufacturing Services Aren’t Boring to the People Who Matter. The perfect starter guide for marketers in not just manufacturing, but any niche B2B industry, this free e-book exhaustively covers:

  • What is niche content marketing?
  • Which inbound marketing methods are most effective for “boring” companies? 
  • Niche content strategy examples -- social, video, blog, & email marketing for manufacturers
  • Understanding paid vs. organic SEO
  • Optimizing your website for lead capturing

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Why Bother With Content Marketing for Manufacturers & Niche B2Bs?

It’s no secret -- many traditional, outbound marketing methods are outdated and can severely limit your ability to connect with the modern buyer. If your efforts are falling on deaf ears, chances are your niche marketing strategy (or agency) is to blame. 

Content marketing for manufacturing companies and other niche B2Bs takes the megaphone out of your hand, replacing it with a fishing pole with some really awesome bait attached. Instead of casting a wide net for a few fish, content marketing helps you attract the same number of fish -- and then some -- with less time and money.

The best niche marketing examples actually use the “niche” part as a strength. Right now, manufacturers everywhere are using SEO and buyer persona data to craft highly specific “bait” that attracts perfect-fit leads and customers.

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Studies show 80% of the B2B buying journey happens online. In other words, prospects in “boring” industries have questions just like any other customer, and they frequently seek out Google search and industry forms to find them.

A healthy, profitable digital presence means using B2B content marketing to be a prospect’s go-to for answers. Consider the ecosystem of benefits:

  • A website attracts visitors via SEO while explaining what makes you different and offering lead-capture opportunities
  • A blog hosted on that site builds trust in readers and Google’s ranking algorithm by providing valuable, educational content
  • Videos add “wow” factor to your site and a human touch by showing your team, facility, & some helpful how-tos for your products/services
  • Social media adds thought leadership while boosting traffic to your blog posts, videos, and website
  • Emails gets your awesome content seen and helps you nurture leads into sales

Want higher-quality leads, higher-volume clients, and increased sales? Inbound marketing strategies are the way to go -- no matter your niche. Fill out the form above to learn more today:

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