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Get Your Guide to Content Marketing Writing
for Healthcare Technology

*Note: This resource was written for a healthcare audience, but contains tips valuable for any marketer!

Whether you’re starting to write for your healthcare technology marketing team, in charge of the team yourself, or considering outsourcing the work, the reviews are in. B2B content marketing is no longer a bonus, it’s a requirement for finding leads online.

Today’s B2B buyer reads an average of 13 content pieces before making a purchase. They want educational content that casts them as the hero of the story -- not your brand.

Website Copywriting for SaaS & Medical Tech Marketing teaches you customer-centric techniques for:

  • Website copywriting
  • Blog copywriting
  • Email content marketing
  • Social media content marketing
  • Video content marketing

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Why Change Your Approach to B2B Content Marketing Writing?

Anyone can put out content, as long as they have a keyboard and a website. But to reach modern B2B healthcare buyers, you need to write a certain way. Your writing has to achieve two goals:

  1. Rankability in internet (Google) searches
  2. Readability for humans


Producing SEO-friendly content is the only way for your content to rank anywhere near the top of Google search results (or Bing or Yahoo!).

The easiest way for your target audience to find you is to include relevant keywords in your writing. You should research keywords with your customers in mind -- how would they research a problem or product?

Another primary factor in medical SEO is the level of value your content provides to readers. Are you helping readers solve a problem, therefore keeping them on your website longer? Are you including helpful links to other, related articles written by you and by third-party sources?

In short, just be genuinely helpful ... which ties in beautifully with point #2 below.


Likeability and readability go hand in hand.

Simply put, if you speak conversationally with your reader, they will stay. If you write pushy, sales-y content or talk about your own brand, they’ll leave.

Of course, this is a beginner’s guide, so we’ll also cover the basics of readability:

  • Writing clearly
  • Writing concisely
  • Writing with strong (but not foul) language

Finally, your website copywriting should encourage the reader to take next steps. Whether you want them to download an e-book, sign up for a newsletter, or even schedule a software demo, your copy should gently lead them in that direction. Even if that decision will come months down the road.

Ready to Get Real With Content Marketing Writing?

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