1 ATTRACT High-Quality Visitors

  • Establish your buyer personas to target best buyers with your inbound marketing strategy
  • Create high quality content for your buyer personas and map it to their buyer’s journey
  • Increase website traffic and generate leads

We help your company generate high quality website traffic through professional search engine optimization, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising management, social media campaigns, and blogging.

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2 CONVERT Visitors into Leads

  • Convert visitors into leads by enticing them to exchange their contact details for your high quality content
  • Promote gated content with persuasive calls-to-action and dynamic landing pages
  • We help you generate high quality leads that can be nurtured into sales. Through effective content marketing, calls-to-action (CTA) and optimized landing pages, we'll turn your website into a lead/business generating machine.

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Convert website visitors into leads

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3 CLOSE Leads Into Customers

  • Close leads into customers with planned nurturing tactics
  • Keep leads hot with automated, personalized email campaigns
  • Define internal workflows for lead management (CRM), follow-ups and touch points
  • Track and analyze your most effective conversion strategies

We use Inbound Marketing to help your business capitalize on the high quality leads you generate. A lead not nurtured is a sale lost. We'll make sure you stay in front of your leads by establishing internal workflows, lead management (CRM) and email marketing automation.

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4 DELIGHT Customers

  • Loyal customers can become your greatest advocates--they are the single best marketing tool you could ask for
  • Keep them in the loop with updates, feedback requests, and new offers they might enjoy

Your relationship with a customer does not end when they hand you money. We will show you how to produce beneficial content for existing buyers, develop your relationship with them, and make them cheerleaders for your brand.

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Inbound Marketing produces real results.
We build strategies focused on your business objectives.

  • 62%

    LOWER Cost/Lead than Interruption Marketing (Mashable)

  • 126%

    More Leads For Companies That Blog (HubSpot)

  • Happier Customers!
    Business Growth!

YOUR SUCCESS is our mission

Inbound Marketing will grow your website. A basic, brochureware site won't.

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    Everyone at protocol 80, Inc. wishes you a fun and safe Independence Day! I know up here in the North East, we’re just happy to see some dry weather. Have you ever been curious as to what’s spent on Independence Day celebrations? Here are a few quick stats that sum it up. Enjoy!

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  • Tips To Keep Your Content Flowing

    Steady content creation is a key component of inbound marketing. Without a strategy to consistently write new content, your efforts will fall short. Instead of going day to day thinking of what to write, we recommend that you plan out your content ahead of time. You don’t have to go at it alone either! You … Continue reading Tips To Keep Your Content Flowing

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  • New Website Launch for BCPAC

    We are very pleased to announce the launch of the website for Bradford Creative & Performing Arts Center at www.bcpac.com! The design is modern and was customized to match this year’s program booklet. The site is also mobile friendly using responsive design. The website is powered by WordPress, which will give the BCPAC team easy … Continue reading New Website Launch for BCPAC

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