Buyer’s Journey

A prospective buyer's active research process leading up to a purchasing decision.

Every Buyer Persona goes through a Buyer’s Journey: the process of researching a problem, comparing possible solutions, and then making a buying decision. The Buyer’s Journey is different from one industry to the next, but there are common stages they all share.

The Awareness stage is when your Buyer Persona first acknowledges that he/she has a problem and begins initial research. They may not be able to put a name to the problem at this point.

Example: You may hear a grinding or squeaking noise when you apply your brakes in your car. You don’t know what the problem is, but you start to research the symptoms to find a solution.

In the Consideration stage, your Buyer Persona has defined his/her problem or opportunity and is now researching how to solve the problem.

Example: You have determined, based on your Consideration stage research, that your brakes need to be replaced. Your focus now is determining what types of brakes you’d like to install. Should you stick with the OEM brakes or look at aftermarket parts? Should you install them yourself or have a shop do it? Will the warranty on the parts be honored if a trained technician doesn’t install them?

When your Buyer Persona reaches the Decision stage, they have decided on a solution or strategy. They know roughly which route they want to take, but need to compare a list of vendors or products before making a final decision.

Example: You have narrowed your list down to three different aftermarket brakes and two car shops that can install them. You just need to be clear on which of the three brakes is the best value and has the best warranty, and which dealer has a better reputation/more experience with your type of car. Once you’ve done that research, you’ll make a final decision.

We’ll help you outline your Buyer Personas’ Journey so you can appeal to them at each stage of their process.