Data availability is one of the biggest benefits of Inbound Marketing versus traditional interruption marketing.

Pure, raw data is one of the biggest advantages of Inbound Marketing. Having access to that data helps you make wiser investments of time and money. The old saying that “50% of your marketing budget works, but you don’t know which 50%” doesn’t apply here.

Inbound Marketing analytics clearly show what’s working and what needs improvement. Unlike traditional marketing outlets such as radio, newspaper, and television, you can make changes to your website at any time if you want to improve its effectiveness.

Inbound analytics go way beyond the simple numbers (such as the number of visitors to your site). They provide insights into which calls-to-action generate the highest click-through rates, which landing pages convert the most visitors into leads, and what website paths have the highest conversion rates. Coupled with your CRM, we can track a visitor the whole way through their journey.