Your website needs more than just a personality - it needs a pretty face.

As a website design agency, we want to build websites that express the personality of our clients’ brands, coupled with an industry-appropriate feel that speaks to their Buyer Personas.

But, your website is also the online face of your business. It’s your chance to connect with a new prospect, move an existing lead towards a sale, and add value for existing customers.

According to SAP, our online attention spans have dwindled to 8 seconds – 1 second less than goldfish.

When buyers are browsing your site, you have much less than 8 seconds. As soon as a visitor clicks to your website, it begins to load, and they’re already forming an opinion about you. What impression are you giving?

Does your site:

  • Look dated and have out-of-date content?
  • Look like a template and lack a unique feel?
  • Look too busy and hard to grasp?
  • Look like it was developed by your nephew who took one computer class in undergrad?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re destroying your chance to make a first impression. Sound shallow? Maybe – but this isn’t dating, and stubbornly keeping a bad website design because “WE like it that way” helps exactly nobody.