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There's no better place to watch your inbound marketing career soar.

Are you looking for an innovative team to join and flex your problem-solving muscles with? Are you a little more experienced and sick of your "traditional" workplace full of exasperating inefficiency and low ceiling for growth?

We at protocol 80, Inc. think "typical" work environments kind of, well, suck. As such, we do things a little differently ...

  • A group of people that genuinely enjoys each other and going to the office each day
  • Leadership that values transparency and listening, and encourages speaking up
  • Flexibility to account for the fact that life happens, and you're human
  • Clear, defined paths for career progression
  • Extensive training and feedback -- we set you up for success
  • Freedom to seek and propose new ways of doing things

Who Is protocol 80?

We've been serving our clients through online marketing since 2002 -- rare stability and longevity in our industry. Today we focus on online lead generation for B2B companies through inbound marketing and sales.

The best part? It's working. So well that need more team members who love to help clients while having a lot of fun along the way.

(Why the Name 'protocol 80'?)

A popular question. And yes, it's a lowercase "p." We only reveal our deepest mysteries to those we hire -- sorry!





core values

The quality of being honest and doing right by the client and team, even if it goes unrecognized.
A self-motivated contributor delivering consistent and quality work for the client and team.
Expert skill or knowledge and the ability to continually learn and lead the way.
The client and team enjoy interacting with you; you can practice candor with kindness.
The ability and willingness to adjust your thinking, behavior, and plans on behalf of what’s best for the client and team.

p80 Offers

  • Work Flexibility -- As long as you're productive and communicative, you're welcome to work remotely!
  • Flexible Start & End Times -- Wanna start early and leave early? Not much of a morning person? We have a flexible start/end time policy to make your life easier.
  • Health Insurance -- We offer great plans that cover you and your family.
  • Retirement -- 100% employee-owned from Day 1 of enrollment with company matching.
  • Unlimited Vacation -- Unlimited, paid vacation and sick time that we want you to take! Time away is vital and keeps you fresh!
  • Competitive Pay -- Compensation commensurate with experience, with plenty of room for career growth.
  • FREE Training & Certifications -- We stay sharp at p80. Want a book that will help you do your job better? It's yours! You'll also have access to multiple training and certification programs. In fact, you'll be Inbound-certified your first month on the team! (Want bonus points? Get certified before you apply.)
  • COFFEE and Snacks -- We're pretty into this here ... You'll pick up on that. Whether you like espresso, cold brew, mocha, or the tried-and-true regular, we've got you covered.  If you're not a coffee fan, let us know your drink of choice and we'll keep it flowing. And we all work better when our stomachs aren't growling, so expect frequent sweet treats.
  • Team Events and Time Off -- We believe in FUN here. No Debbie Downers allowed! At monthly Happy Hours, we celebrate our wins and relax with some adult beverages and snacks. (The snacks can be kid or adult.) We dress up at Halloween, kick back drinks at Christmas, and take Black Friday off.

Current Openings

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We're always looking for promising applicants! If you think you'd be a great fit, apply. We'll consider your application for any upcoming openings.

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