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April 15

What Does a Digital Marketing Coach Do for B2Bs?

“You fight great, but I’m a great fighter” – Apollo Creed, 1982

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March 26

AI in Digital Marketing: What Changes Are Ahead in 2024?

From the first computer to today’s smartphones, Internet access has made leaps and bounds in terms of both efficiency and reach. Likewise, the question of how AI will change marketing is central to the evolving landscape of how we interact with current and potential buyers.

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March 26

AI in Sales: From Lead Generation to Closing Deals

The manufacturing sector is continuously seeking innovative strategies to enhance efficiency, drive growth, and maintain a competitive edge. Enter the world of AI in sales, which just might transform the traditional sales process into an intelligent, data-driven powerhouse.

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March 25

B2B Digital Marketing Plan Templates for 2024: KPIs & Goal Setting

In digital inbound/content marketing, we say, “Work SMARTer, not harder.” Why all the caps? Because any data-backed, results-oriented marketing strategy has its roots in SMART goals. We define SMART goals as digital marketing KPIs (key performance indicators) and benchmarks that are:

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March 13

What’s Ahead: Josh Curcio to speak at Future of AI Conference 2024

New York City, Midtown - Josh Curcio, CRO and partner at protocol 80, was invited to speak at the upcoming Future of AI Conference hosted by BWG Strategy on March 14th. The conference, which features distinguished speakers from various businesses, including Major League Baseball, Pepsico, Microsoft, Ulta Beauty, HSBC, Freshpet, and Silicon Valley Bank, will offer a diverse perspective on the integration of AI in marketing, and sales. Josh will be a participant speaking in the series of panel discussions at the conference that dives into the transformative impact AI has on marketing and sales strategies. Provided, his insights will help businesses navigate this evolving landscape.

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March 05

Using AI for Content Creation: A List of 5 Don’ts

Artificial intelligence (AI) content creation has become a valued advantage in many different fields. It fills gaps in workforces and supports those who lack the bandwidth to scale their velocity.

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March 01

AI Prompt Writing 101 for Marketers: How to Use ChatGPT

Have you ever had an idea but can’t get it to roll off your tongue? If the answer is yes, artificial intelligence may become your best friend.

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February 23

Will Marketing Be Replaced by AI ... or Form a Dynamic Content Duo?

Have you ever feared that AI could replace your job as a marketer? There’s no doubt that AI has become ever-present in the marketing space, but AI is not replacing you. In fact, AI and humans hold more power as a unit – the dynamic duo, as one might say. When used synchronously with humans, AI can be a resourceful and powerful tool incorporated into your B2B marketing strategy.

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February 19

AI in B2B Marketing & Content Writing: How it Works (or Doesn't)

I’ve always been fascinated by robots. My favorites – undoubtedly – are R2-D2, and yes, even C-3P0. Cortana from the "Halo" video game series is pretty cool, too – we’ve waged war against the Covenant many times together. Cylons (from "Battlestar Galactica") and the robot from "Rocky IV" are also in my top 10. (Shame on the 2021 director's cut for removing Paulie's beloved birthday present.) While those droids and artificial intelligence (AI) are firmly rooted in the world of science fiction and a few clever builds at fan conventions, we're getting closer each day to robot counterparts becoming the norm.

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