Inbound 2017: Affordable SEO Tips (Heck, These Are Free)

(5 minute read)

The Importance of User Intent for Search Engine Optimization

(2 minute read)

As a business or organization you understand the importance of generating traffic from search engines (hopefully). To get that traffic you obviously have to show up in search engines when your potential website visitors are searching using related search terms...that's a given. Because most people understand this concept, they have an idea of what keywords they want to rank for. The problem is that people are often wrong, or maybe just headed in a slightly wrong direction. Their keyword lists are often geared around their specific products or services.

Manufacturer Marketing ROI: 11+ Statistics Your Boss Will Love

(3 minute read)

The manufacturing industry is slowly coming to terms with the influence of the Internet. However, online marketing is throwing many small manufacturers for a loop. Some companies are purposefully resisting this status quo upheaval. Others simply don't know where to start.

Is your company still lagging behind the trend? Do you desperately need help to succeed online? Here are some stats that might convince your boss to seriously consider revamping your marketing strategy.

A/B Testing Basics (and 4 Things You Should Never Do)

(3 minute read)

In simple terms, an A/B test compares two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. (Let’s call them version A and version B.) The tester shows the experiment to users at random. The tester then uses statistical analysis to determine which version performed better.

Blogging Best Practices: Best Places to Lurk Online (for Research)

(4 minute read)

Congrats! Your marketing agency or department needs you to blog about an obscure piece of health care technology. Or it needs you to sow the seeds of content marketing on elastomer blend vs. photopolymer flexographic printing.

How Manufacturers Can Use Content to Reach Prospects (Example)

(8 minute read)

With so much emphasis on content, content, CONTENT, you may be wondering how manufacturers can use content to reach prospects... Don't worry, you're not alone! Understanding how a manufacturing company can be successful with content is an issue that most modern manufacturing marketers face.

What Is Content? Back to Basics with Inbound Marketing 101.

(7 minute read)

Around here, we talk a lot about inbound marketing and content marketing. We also mention that you need relevant, high-quality content for your marketing efforts to produce results. 

5 Easy Ways to Be Kinda Not Bad at Graphic Design for Marketing

(6 minute read)

Who better to do a newbie’s guide to graphic design for marketing than a graphic design newbie? I’m a words dude. Always have been.

Inbound 2017: Be a Friend (and Seal the Deal) with Inbound Sales

(4 minute read)

Like an old friend, Josh Curcio reached out to say “hey” to a lead. Josh knew 2 things: that the prospect, a sales director at a company he last spoke to 7 years prior, enjoys mountain biking and that the company was recently was in the news because of a video about the company that appeared on Facebook.

What Makes a Kick-Ass Keyword for B2B SEO?

(4 minute read)

Can your keywords fight crime? Can they pull off a handlebar moustache and leather motorcycle pants? Can they walk away from explosions without looking?