Easy, Not Sleazy: Increase Website Traffic with Inbound Marketing

We like to call inbound marketing the feel-good way to getting people pumped about your product. Psyched about your services. Bonkers about your brand.

How To Increase Website Traffic With The HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

I transitioned to marketing at protocol 80, Inc. from a parallel universe: journalism. For a long time, I was a newspaper writer and digital communicator covering local politics, crime, education, and interesting features. 

My style now is inbound marketing, where content is king and our B2B client companies rule. In this universe, I’m a part of helping our clients (and ourselves) increase website traffic and drive sales leads through creating and promoting remarkable online content. 

How to Increase Website Traffic With Social Media

If you’ve ever asked yourself or members of your team, ‘How can we get more website visitors?,’ you’re not alone. 

In fact, increasing website traffic is often a main problem. And one of your solutions can be social media.

How to Increase Your Website Traffic With Content Marketing

What if annoyed customers didn’t shriek and run at the very sight of your company’s name or logo? What if they actually wanted reasons to visit your website?

Increase Website Traffic With A Proven System

Every business wants to increase website traffic. More traffic means more customers. While there are several options for increasing your traffic, not all of them are created equal or provide equal results. Having a system to constantly improve and increase website traffic is the best approach to drive new customers.

Do You Know...About Manufacturing Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is fantastic (if done right). It helps turn your leads into revenue and helps time-strapped small businesses use their marketing more effectively.

Are you still teetering on whether or not you are going to use marketing automation? Here are some interesting things (you may not already know):

How to Get More Leads by Triggering Buyer Emotions

Anyone with a kid knows the scene well. You’re at the mall, and your son or daughter absolutely has to have that thing ... that very expensive thing.

10 Reasons We Choose HubSpot Over WordPress + Plugins ("FrankenSpot")

If you're getting ready to flip the switch on your inbound strategy for online lead generation, you'll need to decide what platform to use to power the strategy.

The 2 most common options for inbound marketing software are HubSpot, and what we call FrankenSpot, or WordPress with a bunch of plugins and 3rd party tools integrated.

Can I Implement Inbound for Multiple Buyer Personas at the Same Time?

If your company works with a variety of buyer personas, you're not alone. Manufacturers often sell to professional buyers as well as design engineers. Two very different types of buyers with very different buying processes and motivations. They need to be marketed to differently, which often leads to the question...

Do my buyers fit the inbound marketing model?

I remember having a hard time explaining to my 80-year-old father (an all-around smart, mentally with-it guy) what I do as an inbound marketing writer. “Bond marketing?” he asked, excited like a dog waiting for someone to throw a tennis ball, thanks to his fascination with the stock market and wealth management.