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Google Maps vs. MapQuest

Whoa, slow down Google...we still want options. Or do we? As long as I am getting the best I don't need many options I guess...at least when it comes to my map source. That is a little selfish of me, I know some still prefer other map sources. An article at Search Engine Land pointed out that Google Maps is catching up to MapQuest, the long time Internet leader for online maps and directions. I love Google Maps and I am not afraid to admit it. Sometimes I have more fun playing with Google Maps than actually taking a trip.

I do not prefer Google Maps over MapQuest only because of  features such as street view and local search, but I find the directions to be more accurate. On multiple occasions I had received incorrect directions to my location from MapQuest. I am not saying that this doesn't happen on Google Maps, but it has not yet happened to me. I do remember a couple of years back when Google Maps gave walking directions from NYC to Paris...I didn't try taking the trip, but assume I would not have made it.

MapQuest obviously is not terrible, but it lacks in local business search, ease of use, accuracy and features. People are already using Google, so it is just easier to click on the map instead of going to MapQuest to get your directions.

I am not advocating that Google should take over everything, but they just do many things better, so they deserve to be the leader in these categories.

Check out the Search Engine Land article.