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B2B digital marketing strategy isn't a one-size-fits-all approach.

Successful modern sales and marketing tactics are based on a clear view of today's B2B buyer tendencies and how to help them solve their problems online.

When people ask us, “What is inbound marketing?” we tell them it means helping targeted customers easily find your company -- rather than you having to cold call and email every fish in the pond.

protocol 80 is a full-service B2B inbound marketing and sales agency. We combine exhaustive data research with a “customer education” mindset to build you a fully customized strategy that grows website:

  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Sales

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Our B2B Inbound Marketing/Sales Process

How does inbound marketing work? These section below outlines our process, particularly in the first several months.

If you're not capitalizing on your #1 marketing opportunity (your website), it's time to act.

By driving more relevant traffic to your site, turning visitors into leads, and nurturing them into sales, we can help you smash your revenue goals.


The p80 way

our Approach

We work with your team to identify ideal customers and key competitors. From there, we use data to analyze your market position and potential.

We learn about your ideal buyer’s persona and journey, as well as your big-picture business goals to work backwards and craft the perfect strategy for you.
Based on your business goals, we work together to set marketing goals and KPIs to build our strategy around.

All of our strategies are unique to each client, and focus on the highest areas of impact to best use the clients' investment in p80 capacity.
We get to work. From content development and promotion, to SEO engineering, to website enhancement and development -- our #1 goal is to boost your revenue.

We connect frequently during execution to gain insight from your team's experts and provide updates on progress.
We regularly review and report all marketing metrics transparently and recommend any necessary adjustments. With inbound, there’s always something to optimize.

We value and foster a relationship with our clients that is focused on candor and feedback early and often. We believe that any issue is worth bringing to the table to solve together.



Are We a Fit?

When We ARE the Agency for You:



Never too niche...

If you’ve ever thought, “Someone outside the company could never write for us,” talk to p80. B2B/niche content writing is kind of our … niche. If you’ve struggled to be heard in a crowded or “unexciting” market, we can help.



$100 Million-ish + ?

Our typical client’s revenue is $80 million to $250 million, but if you’re in growth mode or serious about marketing, don’t let your size get in the way of a conversation.


Long Term Investment

Much like Equipment Purchases

You’re in it for the long run. You understand that depending on your starting line, you may have to make the investment with fewer leads in the short term, to see tremendous growth in the long term.


Balanced Involvement

We Need You - You Need Us

You’re not a ghost, but not a micromanager either. You hold your team accountable for providing assets, expertise, & feedback, and we do the same while delivering positive results.



Makes Everything Work

You’re comfortable with us steering buyer research, content strategy, & content creation. Yes, you know your business the best, but we know inbound marketing best. 😊


Not a Jerk

Life's too Short for Jerks...

One of our favorite parts of p80 is the genuine rapport we have with our clients. We want to enjoy learning, strategizing, & growing with you. If you're looking for a punching bag, we respectfully ask you to take a boxing class instead.

What to Expect: Inbound Marketing - Download PDF Here

When We're NOT the Agency for You:


Endless Capacity

Budget = Capacity

If you need a 24/7/365 on-call partner, we probably aren't the right agency for you.

While we aim to be very responsive and achieve results for you as quickly as possible, our team will have an agreed upon delivery schedule for you to reach your goals.



Expertise & Experience

Our clients typically invest $5,000-$15,000 per month, with outliers in both directions. If that investment range seems like a huge stretch for your company, we’re probably not a great fit.



What Are Your Results Now?

Inbound marketing is proven to work. However, depending on your goals, the quality of your previous marketing efforts (current reality), and your budget, it may take 6-12 months to lay the groundwork for growth. If you can’t invest over the long term, inbound marketing isn’t for you.


(or undersight)

The first mate to our captain

If you need to micromanage everything, we’ll probably politely decline. Our relatively hands-off clients outperform part-DIYers/micromanagers 95% of the time. That said… we will need you to promptly share assets/knowledge or approve deliverables, or your program will sputter.


Commitment & focus to prescribed strategy

Eye on the Prize (Goals)

It’s easy to get distracted and chase little projects that cause delayed success of your original goals.

Fires and squirrels can be extinguished and chased from time to time, but making a habit of it is bad for business, literally.


Sales team buy-in

One Team - Shared Goals

Your org must commit to true educational content (not sales pitches) and timely feedback on lead quality. If your team can’t agree to treat leads differently based on whether they’re marketing-qualified, sales-qualified, or sales opportunities, our recommended strategies may not realize their potential.


Do you currently have an in-house marketing team?

How often are you currently producing evergreen article-based content?

Are you promoting any content on social media?

Do you send regular (at least monthly) education-based newsletters to your email database?

Is your website updated to the latest SEO best practices?

Are you doing any paid advertising on google or on social media?

Which best describes your marketing goals?

Do you currently have a Marketing Agency?


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B2B Inbound Marketing Plan Example: 24,500% Lead Increase

We worked with this rural manufacturer to redesign its website and implement a consistent inbound marketing program. This turned their site into a pipeline-filling sales machine:

McHone Industries Case Study

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