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Your prospects do a TON of research online before they even consider contacting you.

Inbound marketing puts you in the right place, at the right time, with the right content, so you can engage with prospects during their early stage research.

This enables you to turn passive website visitors into leads, long before they’re ready to submit an RFQ or talk to sales.

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Inbound Marketing

The Compounding Effect of Inbound Marketing

One of the key attributes of inbound marketing is the compounding effect it has on your website traffic and lead volumes. Unlike paid advertising and other traditional marketing, content you produce today will still be driving leads 5 years from now. That kind of marketing ROI is hard to come by!

With the extensive data available about what’s working and what needs optimized, you never have to wonder what areas of your marketing budget are most effective. 

You’ll be able to pinpoint what content is driving the most leads and customers and replicate those efforts.


Do you currently have an in-house marketing team?

How often are you currently producing evergreen article-based content?

Are you promoting any content on social media?

Do you send regular (at least monthly) education-based newsletters to your email database?

Is your website updated to the latest SEO best practices?

Are you doing any paid advertising on google or on social media?

Which best describes your marketing goals?

Do you currently have a Marketing Agency?


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10,000 Foot View of Inbound Marketing

Today’s buyer lives in search engines, social media, video sites, and their email. Inbound marketing uses these channels to position your content where your buyers are looking. 

When they engage with your content (a blog post, a testimonial, a video, a website page), we anticipate your buyer’s next question or area of research and place relevant, premium content (eBooks, How to guides, webinars, etc…) in front of them. If the prospect decides to download this premium content, they have to provide basic contact details (name, email, etc…) in exchange, netting you a lead!

Through marketing automation, you’ll be able to stay engaged with this new lead, supporting common questions they may have, and providing additional educational content to support their eventual buying decision.

This systematic, repeatable process is much more in line with how buyers (B2B or B2C) prefer to buy, making it a much more effective strategy than traditional cold outreach and interruptive marketing tactics.

The p80 way

our process

Every partnership starts with a deep dive into your goals, time frame, best buyers, and current benchmarks.

We get as granular as we can, particularly with your buyer personas.

After research comes your Inbound Marketing Strategy!
There are often tactics we can use to jumpstart our progress toward your goals. These quick wins are an effort to produce results as soon as possible.
With a sound strategy in hand, we hit the ground running with a 3-month road map of execution.

We'll monitor performance and make minor adjustments along the way.

In month 3, we'll analyze performance data at a deeper level and establish a road map for the next 3 months.
Transparency is at the heart of all of our client partnerships.

You'll see the performance numbers regularly, with deeper dives every quarter.

With abundance of performance metrics we have to monitor, it's crucial that we're focusing on the right metrics for your goals.

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