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Do you …

  • Operate solely out of spreadsheets and your inbox?
  • Have a CRM that you hate?
  • Lack a clear picture of your sales pipeline?
  • Struggle to match the CRM to your sales process?
As a certified HubSpot consulting service, we can help you implement a CRM (customer relationship management) strategy that your whole team will use, and customize it to align with your B2B sales process!

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HubSpot CRM

CRM Adoption Challenges & How We Solve Them

Only 46% of organizations report CRM adoption rates greater than 90%. Considering how much more efficient and effective CRMs make a sales team -- and how much your company’s paying for one -- that’s nuts.

CRM failure comes in many forms:

  • Undefined sales process
  • No strategy/lack of preparation
  • CRM user adoption efforts meet resistance
  • Lack of HubSpot CRM training/consulting

Because switching CRMs or migrating data (i.e. from Salesforce) is challenging, we’ll walk you through it. We’ll make sure your CRM is set up correctly, and that your pipeline and deals systems are arranged for maximum efficiency. 

The p80 way

our process

We define your sales process. How do prospects find you? How do you evaluate leads? What are your CRM or Sales obstacles?
We setup your CRM to flow with your sales process. If we're migrating your from another CRM, we customize the HubSpot CRM to work how you want to.
We train your marketing, sales, and customer service teams on how to maximize the HubSpot CRM toolset for their role.

We provide role-specific training for added value.
We will continue to optimize your CRM and show you how to evaluate KPIs and reports.

We can provide ongoing training and tailoring of HubSpot to your needs.


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