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What is sales enablement, beyond just a fancy buzz term? 

Our sales enablement services are about working smarter, not harder, and empowering your sales team with the resources, technology, and knowledge they need to close more deals.

Your team wants to spend its time talking directly to prospects, not fussing with writing emails, drafting reports, and battling your CRM technology.

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Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement Strategy

A solid sales enablement strategy needs to be built around your B2B sales process and team needs.

There's no "one size fits all" approach.

Some of the features our sales team training clients love the most are:

  • Sales and Marketing alignment around goals
  • Inbound sales consulting -- relationship selling techniques
  • Sales enablement tool setup
  • Sales email template creation and automation setup
  • Content creation to support sales (emails, templates, case studies, whitepapers, sequences, etc.)
  • Creation and setup of trackable sales documents
  • Training on CRM adoption best practices
  • Training on B2B lead scoring best practices
  • Reporting


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Is your website updated to the latest SEO best practices?

Are you doing any paid advertising on google or on social media?

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The p80 way

our process

We'll work with you to define measurable objectives for improving your sales process.

We'll help determine the best technology at the right moments of the sales process to take the load off your sales team.
We work with your sales and marketing teams to define and agree on your buyers' research and buying process.

We'll coordinate the right messaging for sales and educational resources from marketing to make sure that lead follow up is correlated to the stage of the buyer's journey.

In other words, we'll keep sales from trying to close early stage leads that aren't ready, and help them close real opportunities faster.
With sales and marketing working on Revenue together, we can automate personalized touchpoints from sales, crafted by marketing. We will nurture early leads towards sales conversations, and help close opportunities faster.

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