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Are FREE Antivirus Programs Good Enough?

I can't tell you how many times we hear this question, or a variation of it, such as:

"If it's FREE, I'm going to end up paying at some point!"

"A product from a company like Symantec or McAfee has to be better than a free antivirus program."

If you ask the protocol 80 Home Computer Repair team, they will likely tell you to use Clamwin, a FREE program that we have been using for years!  While some of the pay programs come bundled with spyware protection, there are good, FREE solutions for that as well, such as SpyBot .  One of the best things about free antivirus and spyware applications is that they typically run much more efficiently than Norton and the other pay programs.  In other words, they don't slow your computer to a snail's pace.  Plus, they're FREE!  No annual fees.

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