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Top Twitter Clients

Social media tools are really a time-saver…and they can help you avoid getting side-tracked. Website Magazine released some data regarding the most popular Twitter clients available. Without further delay, the list:

Rank Client % of Users
1 TweetDeck (www.tweetdeck.com) 13.07%
2 Tweetie (www.atebites.com) 7.47%
3 Hootsuite (www.hootsuite.com) 2.46%
4 Twhirl (www.twhirl.org) 2.42%
5 Twitterfon (www.twitterfon.net) 1.98%
6 Seesmic (www.seesmic.com) 1.82%
7 Ping.fm (www.ping.fm) 1.75%
8 UberTwitter (www.ubertwitter.com) 1.28%
9 Twitterriffic (www.twitterrific.com) 1.20%
10 TwitterFox (www.twitterfox.net) 1.18%

As I have said in previous posts, I am partial to TweetDeck. Although not uncommon anymore, TweetDeck allows management of multiple accounts, Facebook status updates, pictures and videos, easy RT, direct message and more. My favorite “tool” on-the-go is still Zannel. Although not considered an actual “tool”, it is very easy to update your status from a mobile device while including pictures and video with Zannel. Picking a tool for your social media marketing campaign is an important, but fun step!