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Google Makes Big Announcements – Google Goggles, Real-Time Search and More

Google announced today that they will include real-time search results in their search engine that will also work on iphone and android devices. Google real-time search results will show the most current news and information for your searches. They announced the real-time search results will include news, Tweets, blogs and more. If people are still unsure of the importance of Twitter for business, this should convince them. Twitter will be a great way for you to communicate with the world in real-time.

Also announced today was Google Goggles. Google Goggles allows you to search for things visually. Using your Android smartphone you are able to snap a picture and pull up search results based on the picture you snapped. This is very exciting! I have already installed it on my Droid!

These new technologies released by Google will present a new, but exciting challenge for web marketers. What is next to come in the world of search?