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Think Mobile Web - College Students Do

A recent article posted online by eMarketer shares some very interesting data for small business marketers. Their article states that more undergrads have a mobile web device than a desktop computer.

The graph below shows that ownership of a web-enabled handheld device increased by 11% over the past year to 62.7%.

College Students Use Mobile - eMarketer

What's more, the following graph shows that 42.6% of students surveyed said they used a web-enabled handheld device at least once a day. Amazing!

42.6% of undergrads use internet enabled handheld device daily

I Have A Small Business, Why Do I Care?

Simple! Remember little Johnny that went off to school 2 years ago? Well, he'll be done with school in another 2. He'll be expecting to interact with your business online via his smartphone when he gets hired. Little Suzy graduates at the end of the Fall 2010 semester and will be just as eager.

Are you ready to accommodate Johnny and Suzy? I hope so!