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Small Business Branding Is Vital With Google Instant Preview

Yesterday Dave touched on Google's Newest Feature, Google Instant Preview, and how it affects your website. As he pointed out, the design of your site can make or break an organic click-through. Why click on a drab, uninviting site when there are plenty of search results that go to pretty ones?

Small Business Branding

As web marketers, we're always focusing on driving quality traffic and getting conversions for our clients. An equally important aspect is establishing/maintaining/growing the strength of their brands, online and off.

It's not uncommon for a small business to say, "We don't care if they know us, we just want leads/conversions/sales/[ fill in the want ], and we'll introduce ourselves". Take a look at the scenario below and see how Google Instant Preview and Brand Awareness can affect click-through tenancies...

Brand Awareness and Google Instant Preview

Now, with Google Instant Preview, there's even more pressure to ensure your small business brand has some weight behind it and is well known. Here's why...


  1. I do a search for Business Insurance and see the following results:

  2. When I look through the list of results, I mouse over the various results to see the previews and here are some samples of what I see:
  3. In looking at the 2 previews above (I know, I know... They are small.) one has a logo that is very recognizable and stands out because it's familiar. The other, well... looks like a novel.

    Here's a closeup of the logo that stands out:

  4. I would click on their result before the other results, primarily because I know and trust the the State Farm brand.

The crazy thing is, I've never been insured through State Farm. I just know and recognize the brand. While State Farm is a huge nationally known brand, the same theory still applies to small businesses on a local/regional level.

How much more likely would you be to click on a search engine result featuring your local insurance company's branding than a brand you don't recognize? Hit me up in the comments below! I'd love to hear your opinions!

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