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Google helps you learn 20 new things about the web

Have you ever found yourself confused or overwhelmed by how the internet works, what a web application is and why it's important to use a modern web browser? Google has created a neat online book to help clarify the details for you, and best of all it's written in plain language with the newcomer or novice in mind. They've even included some cool illustrations and animations to guide you along the way!

One issue we see frequently is that many folks involved in a small business don't have the time or inclination to keep up with the latest and greatest in web technologies, including some of the more technical aspects of why websites are important. What's worse is that most of the online resources that can teach you that information are overly technical and too dense for mere mortals to wrap their heads around. The good news is that by spending just a few minutes at 20thingsilearned.com you can learn all about how the internet works, what cloud computing is, and even a little bit about the latest technologies that make web apps sing.


From a web developer's point of view, my favorite part about the interactive book Google has provided is that it is employing a lot of HTML5 technologies. HTML5 is really starting to take hold as the next true online content medium, and Google has proved why that's the case - without requiring any extra web browser plugins they've managed to create an excellent book interface with smooth page turning animations and various other dynamic elements. The website renders perfectly in all modern browsers, and it's just another testament as to why HTML5 should be adopted more readily moving forward.

Additionally, they've included a great section on security on the web and some things to look out for while browsing in order to keep yourself safe. As we move more of our daily tasks online (shopping, banking, word processing, photo editing) it's understandable that folks would be a little hesitant about whether they're sharing all of this information with a credible source or not. Fortunately, 20 Things I Learned shows a great set of example risks and hazards to avoid, such as phishing attacks, and shows you how to stay safe during your travels along the web.

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