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    Small Business B2B Marketers Should Use LinkedIn Share Buttons

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    LinkedIn Share button GeneratorLinkedIn recently released it's own Share button much like the frequently used Facebook Like button and Twitter share buttons. They are clearly very late to the game, but in this case, it's certainly better late than never.

    In our travels, we run across many business to business companies that aren't using Facebook or Twitter but have started using LinkedIn Because of it's business nature. This opens up a great opportunity for these businesses to start getting great content delivered to them and also share great content of their own.

    With numbers like:

    • 85 Million Users Worldwide
    • 7.9 Million Business Decision Makers
    • 4.2 Million Corporate Execs
    • 1.3 Million Small Business Owners people need to be there. It's the social network that will make the most sense to executives at first and allow for growth into the other networks.

    Content, Content, Content

    At this point, I doubt you need further convincing that content is vital for any online marketing strategy. The addition of a LinkedIn Share button makes it possible to publish your content, or better, have someone else push your content on a business-focused social media site.

    If you haven't developed a content strategy or a social media strategy, give us a shout. We can get you started!

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