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Searches From Mobile Up 130% - Is Your Site Optimized?

We have spent a lot of time this year discussing mobile marketing options with clients and prospects. Most are very interested in 2D Barcodes, location-based social media, and even text messaging campaigns. We often have to bring people back to their own site and what experience a mobile user will have with it. It's usually not very pretty!

Mobile Web Search Is Growing

We've been saying for a few years now that you have to be thinking about your mobile strategy because the volume of smartphone users is growing exponentially and with that comes mobile web browsing.

Recently, Google announced that search volume through Google.com from mobile devices had increased 130% year over year. That's huge! Now, what does a mobile browser see when your site shows up in the mobile search results?

Don't Waste Your SEO Investment

Many small businesses have put time and money into optimizing their sites for search engines. We have helped a good number ourselves. With mobile searching on the rise, why would you want to waste your investment by showing a search visitor an unusable site? The obvious answer is that you wouldn't.

Through advanced detection on your website, the user can be directed to the appropriate experience for your site depending on the platform they are using to view it. If the user is using a desktop, show them a full website. Using an iPad? Show them an html 5 optimized site. Using a Blackberry? Trim it down and show them a smaller version of your site.

Mobile Strategy Consulting

If you are ready to make the mobile leap, give us a shout. We can get you started on the right foot.