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Increase Your Small Business SEO Surface Area

Enter Dead Horse... Yes, yet another post about why you need to be blogging. If the charts I shared earlier weren't motivation enough, what about the impact of blogging on small business search engine optimization? Most of our small business prospects and clients are familiar with SEO and want help with their site's ranking in the engines.

Unfortunately, many of them know enough to make them dangerous, but also enough to get them in trouble if they pursue aspects like mass link-building on their own. In our opinion, if our clients want to do something on their own to help their SEO, they should be blogging. There are many business reasons directly associated with blogging that I've written about in the past, but they may not have stuck out as compelling enough.

Given your likely familiarity with SEO, I want to explain why blogging is crucial.

Blogging Increases Your Organization's SEO Surface Area

Wait, what? Yes, blogging increases your potential to be seen in search results. Stop and think about it. It's a very easy concept. The more blog posts (which are pages of your site), the more opportunities that there are for you to rank in search results for your keywords and phrases.

Let's look at the image below:

I think the image probably speaks for itself in explaining why a blog increases your SEO surface area, but in case it didn't... You have a much better shot of ranking for your keywords and phrases in google if you have 100s of pages that use your keywords and phrases than if you have only your core pages on your main website.

Think of it in terms of a 50-50 drawing. The more tickets you buy, the better the chance you have...

But, My Competitors Aren't Blogging

OK, so the evil empire that steals your customers isn't blogging. Perfect, now look at the image below:

Who's got a better shot of reaching your target market??? RUN, don't walk to your marketing people and make sure you get a blog setup with a solid content strategy. We would love to help!