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The Android Market Web Store

It isn't only on your Android device anymore. If you are an Android lover like myself, you probably heard about the Androd 3.0 event today. One of the big takeaways for me was the announcement of a web version of the Android Market, the Android Market Web Store.

You might be saying, so what, I can just access all that stuff from my phone/tablet. If you'll read along, I'd like to give you my take on the announcement.


If this is not a step up in the convenience factor I don't know what is. How quickly can you look through a large portion of apps and read reviews on a small mobile screen? My guess is probably not as quickly as you could from a full size monitor. My favorite feature is that when you sign in to the Android market online and make a purchase or install and app, it will automatically install it on your mobile device.

Improved Reviews

How many times have you left a review about an application, whether it's an Android app or not, from your mobile device. I will tell you that I never have, but would be much more likely to review an application more in depth from a regular keyboard than my touch screen. Most applications that I decide to get are because it is highly rated and got at least some good reviews.


The functionality of the online version will far succeed the functionality from the mobile device, at least I expect it to. For example, they announced improved functionality when an application is for sale in a different currency. No more guessing how much it will be in USD...they will automatically show you. This feature probably could have happened whether the market went online or not, but maybe it was a push.


While I don't think I would opt for the online version from my phone, I definitely would from a tablet. A larger screen and speed make the online version a snap for a more powerful device. Side note for future blog post, what will happen to the Chrome OS when Android takes off on tablets? Will you see yourself accessing the Android market from your netbook...right now I can only guess.

In Conclusion

The online version of the market definitely has some upsides...all of which I didn't mention here, these are just my favorite benefits. This was a good move for Google. I think it will increase the volume of both paid and free downloads and make the developers of these applications happy...when the developers are happy, the Android users will be happy. In the end this will help Android devices continue to compete with the iPhone. Do you have any reasons why you like the online version of the Android Market?