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3 Ways Realtors Can Spread The Word For New Properties Online

If you didn't catch my last two posts on rural realtors' use of the web for marketing, please check them out:

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Mobile Web Marketing Tactics That Realtors Should Use

Once a realtor has their main website and mobile marketing in order, they should really look to the abundant options available online to promote their properties and their website(s).

Realtors Should Be Blogging

The first comment I feel coming is that realtors don't have anything they can blog about. Bologna! Realtors have a ton that they can blog about. Some topics include:

  • Newly listed properties
  • Changes in asking prices
  • Sold properties
  • Mortgage Rate News
  • Banks that are having special offers
  • Tips for buying a new home
  • News about the agency
  • Information about the local real estate market
  • How regulations are impacting real estate
  • Tax planning with respect to real estate

What Are The Benefits Of Real Estate Agents Blogging?

  1. It produces a ton of search engine friendly content and increases your SEO surface area.
  2. It gives prospects an easy way to receive your new listings through RSS instead of having to remember to check your site,
  3. It gives your agency content that can be shared in Social Media.
  4. It allows you to Add Value (especially with Tips/News/Educational content) to your prospects' house buying process.
  5. It makes you appear more like an expert in your field
  6. It makes great content to send in a monthly e-newsletter (more on this later)

Real Estate Agents Can Spread The Word With Social Media

If you aren't personally using Facebook and Twitter yet, it's likely that you aren't using them for your Real Estate business either. At this point, not being involved with social media is a real detriment to any business. We've written a whole series on how small businesses can use Facebook and Twitter.

The beauty of social media is that it allows you to converse with your prospects and even get your prospects to talk about your properties for you! Some information that could easily be shared through social media includes:

  • Your blog headlines
  • Images of your properties
  • Open house announcements and events
  • Custom Facebook Tabs featuring your newest properties, & tips on home buying

For more ideas on using Social Media in real estate, check out the links above. We cover social media heavily on this blog.

Real Estate Agents Should Have A Good Email Marketing List

Home buying is one of those processes where the more information you can get, the better. That's why getting prospects to Opt-In to an email list should be easy. If you respect the prospects and don't bombard them with emails, they will open, read, click through, and share your emails. If you are worried about coming up with content for your emails, refer to the list I provided above under blogging.

We have also put together a great series of posts on using Mail Chimp, our favorite email marketing tool, to import your existing email lists, send email, track effectiveness, and send branded messages.

More Rural Real Estate Love To Come

In my next post, I will touch on my last 2 major web marketing opportunities for local real estate agents: Online Videos, and Advanced Website Features.