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Mobile Web Marketing Tactics That Realtors Should Use

If you caught my post yesterday, you learned that I think Real Estate Agents' websites can really use some work. Today, I want to go over what I consider to be some missed opportunities in the mobile realm of web marketing by realtors in rural areas.

QR Codes & Mobile Websites

Have you ever driven by a house that's for sale and thought, "Man, I hope I remember to look that one up online..." or maybe, "I know someone that should check that house out."? I have, even if I have no interest in buying the house.

The best time to capture a prospect or someone that could refer a prospect, is the moment they see the property. How could a realtor do that you might ask? We've all seen the signs out in front of a house that's for sale. They typically show the name of the realtor's company, the real estate agent, the MLS number, and a contact phone number.

What if there was a 2D Barcode on the sign that prospects could scan to:

  • visit a mobile friendly page detailing the house on their smartphone
  • email themselves a link to the listing as a reminder
  • schedule a visit of the property
  • text or email the listing to a friend
  • post the property on facebook

A Mobile Website Is A Must These Days

This is especially true for Real Estate Agents. House hunters want the ability to go house hunting by pulling up a realtor's mobile site on their smartphone or tablet and finding properties to drive by.

What's different about a mobile website?

A mobile website is a slimmed down version of your full website that is designed to better-utilize the small screens on smartphones. A mobile website should also have content tailored to the mobile user's needs. You can skip the company history and employee of the month pages. Only give the mobile user what they need and want. In real estate, they may want:

  • a quick MLS search field
  • a zipcode lookup tool
  • a way to filter down from city, to street, to property to find a home
  • a fast way to contact the realtor
  • a way to share the property through SMS, email, or social media

Two Websites Doesn't Mean 2 Times The Work

As I mentioned in my previous post, realtor's websites should be powered by a content management system and/or a property management database. Both of these will allow you to generate content once and show it on your full desktop website, AND your mobile site. You post once, and the content/data shows on both sites.

Check Back For More Web Marketing Tactics For Realtors

In my upcoming posts, I plan to discuss how realtors can use several other areas of web marketing to boost their showings and sales including:

  • Blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Advanced features on their websites like maps