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Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself

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Jay-ZI know I know, you expect everyone to remember you always and forever...especially past customers. Unfortunately that is not the case. We do so much on the web these days that it's possible that some things get forgotten, including signing up for email newsletters. Internet Service Providers monitor complaints and unsubscribe volumes from email marketing services and if they appear to be spamming, their IP ranges will start to get blocked. That means a lot of angry customers of. Not your customers, but customers of MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc. If you don't want to end up on a you-know-what list from your email marketing provider, send a re-introduction email!

Why Should I Have to Do That? They Signed Up To Get Updates...

cyring-babyThe truth is a few of you will not have to send these because you have diligently sent out email updates throughout the past several years. Unfortunately, the truth also is...email marketing went by the wayside and many businesses stopped sending, especially small businesses. These are the ones that need to pay attention to this post.

With the email marketing comeback many businesses are rushing to get back to their email blasts using their lists from years back. Yes, it is good that you legitimately built a good size list in the past (hopefully), but that does not necessarily mean that those same people are interested in what you have to say or that they even remember signing up for your list. Keep in mind, the spam button easy ever so easy to hit these days and some people opt for that before trying to unsubscribe.

Here's What You Should Do

I applaud you for getting back on track with your email marketing campaigns, but don't jump right into the old sell, sell, sell mentality. Remind your subscribers who you are and what you are willing to offer them. Draft you first email as a special "re-introduction" email with a GREAT subject line that explains the following things.

  1. You have either switched email marketing providers or are just getting back into the swing of things with your email marketing messages.
  2. If you are receiving this you opted in at some point in the past to receive our messages, and we understand if you are no longer interested.
  3. As a reminder this is who we are, what we do, what you will gain from remaining a subscriber, etc.
  4. Thank you for your ongoing support and interest.


reminderBelieve me, I know that you want to start sending your latest contest and coupons or rant about your new products that are so much better than the competition, but step back for a moment. Put yourself in the shoes of the recipient...after all it's been like 2 years since you have sent an email, will they remember you? Save yourself the hassle of having to explain why you had so many spam complaints and unsubscribes and send your re-introduction email first. Sometimes little things can go a long way.

P.S. If you started with a garbage list 4 years ago, your list is likely still garbage and you will get spam complaints and unsubscribes with or without a reintroduction email. Please refer back to my series on MailChimp for Small Businesses.