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Setting Up A LinkedIn Company Page

If you are in business or work in a professional setting, you have more than likely heard of LinkedIn. If you haven't, think of it as a social media site for professionals, primarily used for networking and displaying your credentials. There are obviously many other aspects, but that's it generally speaking. Whether you are a B2B, B2C or B2G business, LinkedIn is a social site you don't want to skip.

It occurred to me recently that we haven't spent enough time talking about LinkedIn on our blog, so I thought I would start by covering a very basic "must" for businesses: A Company Page.

Why Should You Setup Yet Another Company Page?

I know what you're thinking. You mean I need to setup and maintain another company page? Only if you want the potential for more business and to connect with prospects and peers in a mutually beneficial way. Go ahead. Say your company wouldn't like that. I dare you. We all want that.

LinkedIn has over 100 million members. These are adult, professionals for the most part that are involved with the site because they want to benefit from it professionally, like you. This obviously distinguishes it from Facebook and Twitter where the vast majority of users are not looking for business relationships. LinkedIn company pages are also listed in Google and LinkedIn search results.

I Hope You Are Using Your Corporate Domain For Email

In other words, not your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or ISP email address. I needs to be @yourdomainname.com. For example, donnyk@protocol80.com. We have a number of small business clients that insist on using their Verizon or Atlantic Broadband for their business email. Although we provide email with our web hosting, they still use their ISP email.

Aside from the fact that it will make setting up a LinkedIn Company page impossible (unless you also add your corporate email address to your LinkedIn account), it's also risky to have your main email address tied to your ISP. What if you decide you need to change your ISP? Now your email address changes. What if your ISP gets bought out, and the domain name changes? In both cases, you are stuck trying to make sure that everyone has the new email address. That can be quite a pain.

Adding Your Company Page

To add your company page, click on Companies in the main navigation. Once you are on the Companies page, click the Add a Company link in the top-right of the page. The process will take you through a series of questions that have you provide:

  • Company Name and your company Email Address
    • Remember to use LLC or Inc. if you used it in your personal account
  • Admins - all employees or just designated users
  • Logos - standard and square
  • Company Description - who you are and what you do
  • Specialties - 256 characters to give some keywords on what you do
  • Twitter and Company Blog RSS Feed - Makes your company page more active
  • News Module - only use this if your company is in the news
  • Company Type, Size, URL - basic details
  • Locations - up to 5
  • Careers - optionally, you can post jobs

Add Your Products Or Services

After your company page is created, go in and promote your products and/or services with info like the product/service name, logo, description, key features, disclaimers, URL, company contact, promo and YouTube links.

Analytics Are Built In

Track page views, unique visitors and more. Whats more, they provide industry data to compare your performance to your peers!

Get Your Company Setup On LinkedIn

Bottom line, if you want to be where the real prospects are, you need to be on LinkedIn. You already have all of the information you need to setup your page. Now, go and do it!

If you need a hand, we'd be happy to help! Give us a shout to get your LinkedIn company page setup and generating leads.