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Google Plus Brand Pages

Good news! You can now create a brand page on Google Plus. Many of you had probably already done this prematurely and had the page removed. Now you can safely create a page for your business or organization and it will not be removed by Google. Here is what you need to know so far.

  1. There is no brand verification in place currently. It is very important that you go and grab your brand now even if you don't plan to use it. It would not be hard for someone else to hijack your brand without verification. Save yourself the hassle and get started today.
  2. Currently it only supports 1 admin, though multiple admin support will be coming in the near future. If you aren't the one that plans on updating the Google+ brand page, have the person that will be the ongoing admin create the page. You can add team members to a brand, though they can't really do anything with it. If you are the admin of a page, Google has made it very easy for you to update a status for either your personal page or your brand page...more good news!
  3. If you choose to follow other brands and people, their updates will show in your news stream, so choose wisely. If you as a brand add tons of people to your circles, your brand news stream will be cluttered. If you want to add 3000 people to your circles, do it from your personal accounts.
The brand pages are very new, so there will be many changes I'm sure. We will do our best to keep you informed of these changes. In the meantime, it's probably vital that you add protocol 80, Inc. and Omnis Technologies to your circles.
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