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Jeremy Callinan Leaves protocol 80

One of the founding partners of protocol 80, Inc. is no longer an owner or an employee. Please join us in wishing Jeremy Callinan luck with his new career path. Jeremy has taken a permanent position with one of protocol 80's longstanding clients doing programming work. He has worked with this client as a contractor since 2009 so the transition should be fairly smooth.

Jeremy started the business with Donny Kemick back in 2002 while they were both still attending the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Although the business was originally started to raise some extra cash during college, it quickly became apparent that there was a serious need for IT Services, Web Marketing and Development and Programming. Gaining Zippo Manufacturing Company as one of their first clients, protocol 80 quickly grew in the McKean County area. The focus of protocol 80 has always been to help small to medium size businesses succeed online through web marketing and to benefit from technology in the workplace. In more recent years the IT services division has been re-branded and operates as Omnis Technologies while protocol 80 maintains the web marketing and development needs.

Donny Kemick and Josh Curcio will remain as owners of the company and along with the other employees will continue to provide website development and marketing to the businesses in PA and the Western NY region. Omnis Technologies will also continue to provide high quality IT services in Bradford, PA and the surrounding areas.

Thank you Jeremy for 10 years of dedication. We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.