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Why a Manufacturer's Website Will Die Without an Easy to Use CMS

If you're an owner or have ever worked at a manufacturing company...particularly in the offices, you'll know that often times the staff is spread thin. Sometimes you have HR people that are also your accountants, you've got your CFO handing IT services and one we see quite frequently, sales people or administrative assistants managing the website. Here's the thing, the people handling jobs that aren't already their own already have jobs! It's not even that they are not willing or even eager to help out, it's that these "side" jobs are not their priority and they get pushed to the side.

A Website That is Difficult to Manage Will be Ignored

An out-of-date website is a poor representation of your business.You've got your second tier sales person now managing your website. They've been doing it for a year or so now and you've even sent them to a few training seminars. At this point they might feel somewhat comfortable with general website edits...until there is an issue. It doesn't even have to be a major issue, but even when the small ones pile up, it is now perceived that it is just plain cumbersome to update the website. You have to open this software, connect this with this, download that, upload this, synchronize that, etc. These types of things come up frequently if you are using Dreamweaver, Expression Web...or even something that should be fairly easy like Contribute.

My point here is not to harp on how updating a website that is difficult to update sucks, my point is that when someone avoids doing something it never gets done!

Why Your Website Content Should Be Up-to-date and Updated Frequently

78% of B2B (Business-to-business) buyers will go directly to a vendor's website.

This can either be good news or bad news for you.

First, the good news. If you are already the vendor of choice, there is a good chance that you will have some eyes on your website that are ready to buy. That's good, right?

Sure, but also take into consideration that 90% of industrial buyers also use a search engine that might not be great news for you. The buying process of a B2B product or service is usually longer than that of a consumer transaction, which gives the buyer more time to research. If you have out-of-date website content or your website appears dated you are at the risk of losing that sale, or even ability to quote if during the research stages that buyer finds a better and more current website that is even easier to use. Gone are the days that vendors and suppliers just used the same people over and over. The online world has given purchasers the power to research elsewhere...yes, even if they are already happy with you.

Buy keeping your content fresh and up-to-date your showing the buyer that you care, you are providing accurate information, and your making the buying process easier for them. The more difficult it is for them to find the information they are looking for, the more likely they will turn and look elsewhere.

An Easy to Update Website Will be Updated More Frequently

If you were to jot down a list of your tasks on a daily basis and then see which ones get completed first, you'll see a trend. You will probably see that the tasks that are easier to complete get done first. Why not, it's easy and you can feel like you accomplished something. You'll probably also see a trend showing the tasks that are difficult or cumbersome get pushed back time-and-time again until they absolutely must be done and at that point they are rushed.

Go ahead...try the task above, we'll wait.

Ok, back?

Here is what we would like you to take away from this.

  1. Your website content MUST be updated frequently
  2. B2B buyers aren't going to buy from you just because...they will search around
  3. Your website will be updated more frequently if it is easy
  4. Having an outdated website is NOT AN OPTION!


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