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Do I need a Web Marketing Coach?: Why It’s Okay to Admit You Need Help

http://www.flickr.com/photos/78147607@N00/2107125973/in/photolist-4dcz9a-4mVdnQ-4pFz7u-4w62kr-4XzFqe-5otGCX-5rbkH1-5wUNsP-5Uoj8S-64D5rE-6aRRoX-6ktzbP-6ngsaq-6rFcAt-6rFd9Z-6xMFiY-6GzE6d-6MaZa8-6RmdaF-6RJ6oc-6SnjmA-71SwW8-7fEMqF-7h6Frn-7jjtFd-7u9a9V-7ud4dU-7ud4f5-95jRgM-dV3vCe-9tDGX6-enuiwC-euA1Ms-ebhpZa-aYfMjP-enukAw-9h78XB-dMTgtH-enueZW-8ZDiZz-enujNm-aEjpLz-ecEwey-7UXDqg-9hnH8z-8q2hEB-7UXDke-arH8QG-b2fiac-awVWTy-dRazNkSeeking out an internet marketing coach is not a sign of weakness or failure. If you decide to hire a web marketing coach to help with your business, it doesn't even mean you think you won't succeed on your own. Hiring a coach or mentor is a sign of dedication to your cause. It shows that you believe in your product and service and want the company to have every advantage and the best chance of success.

A marketing coach is someone who has had success with their own internet marketing ventures and/or has gone through extensive training to understand exactly how to help web-based businesses succeed, and has decided to use this knowledge to benefit new or existing companies. A marketing coach provides guidance and suggestions to companies they work with, but doesn't take the power out of the owner’s hands.

There are a lot of things that a coach can contribute to benefit your business and increase your chances of success:

1. Risk-Management. A business is a financial investment, and it's success shouldn't be left up to chance. Of course, there will always be some risks involved when running a business, but there is a lot you can do to reduce risks if you have someone with knowledge and experience on your side. Having a mentor means you can avoid many of the early mistakes companies tend to make, increasing your chance of success and reducing costs.

2. Motivation. A coach keeps you on your toes by meeting with you regularly. One of the most important parts of running a business is that you if you make a plan, you need to stick with it. It's okay to change your strategy, but always keep moving forward. Having scheduled meetings with a marketing coach is one way to motivate yourself to keep making progress. When you want to get in shape, meeting with a personal trainer can inspire you to keep up with your plan. When you want to get your business in shape, meeting with a marketing coach can do the same thing.

3. Experience. It can be difficult to put marketing techniques into practice without experience. Even if you understand the steps to creating a successful website and marketing strategy, the application of those techniques can be tricky. You may have done all the research, but sometimes you just don't have the time to use what you've learned practically, or you can't tell which marketing attempts are working.

4. Perspective. Marketing coaches have usually been through the process a few times, and may recognize opportunities you haven't noticed. They can increase your profits by pointing out a simple way to add a second or third revenue stream based on your currently operations. They may see a way to greatly reduce your costs that you would have otherwise missed, such as a more efficient layout of machinery.

5. Independence. With a coach, you will learn to make the decisions needed to increase business success in the long run. They will help you come up with a plan of action, then hold you to it and keep you on track. They help you achieve your goals while holding you responsible for taking action and implementing your plans, which means you will gain the experience needed maintain your company on your own.

They act as a mentor, a resource, and a referee, blowing the whistle when you need to be reminded what's good for your company and ensuring that you get things right the first time, which saves you the time and money that would be lost during the trial and error most companies go through to find the right marketing strategy. A marketing coach can fill the gaps in any of these areas:

  • Experience
  • Resources
  • Contacts
  • Information

If you think for one second that hiring a web marketing coach would mean you had failed in some way, think again. The decision to hire a coach is a sign of dedication to your business and shows that you have a superb desire to succeed.

We know, it is a big step to hire a marketing coach, so we are going to offer you a tad bit of coaching right from this blog post. This tip is in regards to content. As you've probably heard by now, content marketing works, but it isn't the easiest thing in the world. Download our FREE content calendar ebook to find out how you can implement one for your business.


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