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Small Businesses MUST Embrace Mobile Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & Click-To-Call

70% of mobile searchers use click to call... - Google Study (http://p80.us/3b7433)

Click Ad To CallPicture this. You're out for lunch with a friend, planning to do a little Christmas shopping afterwards so you start putting together your list of gifts on your smartphone. While you're at it, you start adding the stores that might have some of the gifts you want to buy. Of the stores, you ask:

  • Are the gifts in stock?
  • How long are they open?
  • Do they have any sales going on?

All questions that you could go online to get answers for IF the small businesses have websites that are regularly updated. What we tend to see is that most small business owners barely have enough time to get their normal daily tasks done, let alone update their websites/social media/etc...!

Since you are already on your smartphone, it would probably be faster/easier to just call the stores. I bet you don't have them on speed dial, and you're more than likely NOT carrying a phone book with you, so you turn to trusty ole Google!

A quick search for the store name yields a pay-per-click advertisement to the exact store you are looking for with a nice button that lets you click to call the store. Now you can immediately get all of the answers you are after, because that store was smart enough to invest in a small pay-per-click campaign.

But Our Businesses Isn't Open 24/7!?!?

I feel you! Not to worry, your ads can be setup to ONLY show when you're open. That way you don't have a zillion voicemails when you get back in. Maybe you want to run the ads even when you're closed and have the calls sent to a mobile device instead? There are plenty of options, but only if you make the investment in mobile pay-per-click (ppc).

How Much Does This Cost?

On average we've seen click-to-call clicks cost significantly less than traditional click-throughs to websites. For example, we have a client that currently spends $0.45 per click-to-call compared to $0.78 for all clicks. That's about 42% LESS per click and it gets them directly talking to you versus checking out your outdated website. Even a VERY modest ppc budget could allow you to capture all of the mobile customers you have.

Why Do Most People Click To Call?

Why Do People Click TO Call

How Do You Get Started?

First, I think it would really benefit you to check out the Google Study here: http://p80.us/3b7433

Second, contact us for a no obligation, FREE discussion to answer any questions you have and to see if Mobile PPC is right for you.