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What A Terrible Landing Page Looks Like

We understand that some people are more visual learners so we wanted to share some really bad landing pages with a brief overview about what makes the landing page so bad.

Landing Page For "news subscription" Search

Terrible News Subscription Landing PageThis gem was found by searching in google for "news subscription" (no quotes). It was the first paid result produced, meaning this site incurred a cost for me clicking through and landing on this page. Talk about a sucktacular voyage! First, I'm having a bit of option overload. Second, where's the headline? Third, where the heck do I start? This page likely produces a very high bounce rate, or number of visitors that leave your site almost as soon as they show up.

Landing Page For "patriotic floral wreath" Search

Landing Page For Patriotic Floral Wreath

I thought I'd go a little more specific with my next search for "patriotic floral wreath". While the search did produce some very good landing pages with listings of exactly what I searched for, this one stood out as a real loser! While I am pysched out of my mind that these folks are ranked "highest in customer satisfaction with Online Flower Retailers.", I don't see a single wreath on this landing page, let-alone a patriotic one! This landing page is not even close to resembling a solution to my search. They may have patriotic floral wreaths, but they aren't here, so I'm outta here. This appears to be a solid, reputable company that should fire their PPC management team, because this was a waste of money. It's hard to watch sites spend money on driving traffic to pages like this.

Landing Page For "Basketball shoe laces" Search

Basketball Shoe Lace Landing PageAs a web marketer, and someone that has been designing/developing websites for quite a while now, I can appreciate the nostalgic feel of this site. That was sarcasm. This site's design is embarrassing. Let's ignore for a second that this site is all kinds of ugly. Let's instead focus on some Landing Page best practices. The headline here is not useful relative to my search, provides no benefits/loss aversion/question. There is no clear action to take on this page. In fact, there are about 1000 options on this page. If the very unprofessional design didn't cause me to click my back button immediately, the lack of specific, relevant information for my search most certainly would. Again, it's hard to watch sites spend money on driving traffic to pages like this.

Have You Run Across Any Terrible Landing Pages?

I'm sure you have! Please feel free to share some in comments below!